The Toughest NHL Trainers

They force journalists to sit silently at press conferences and ask only interesting questions. They can break a hockey career or make a star out of it. collected five of the toughest acting NHL coaches.

Peter Laviolette (“Islanders”, “Carolina”, “Philadelphia”)

“Maybe he’s a good specialist, but a terrible man, two-faced and deceitful. He did not say anything in the face, but he kept chattering behind his back. We somehow even grappled, but the veterans broke up, “- so Daniel Markov recalls the career period in” Carolina “next to Laviolette. The owner of the Hurricanes, Peter Karmanos, also disliked him and accused him of duplicity: “Laviolette in public and in life – two different people.” In addition, the fault coach Karmanos put a mess in training and loss of control of the team.

Either Markov with Karmanos is cunning, or the atmosphere of hockey madness of Philadelphia and the glory of robbers from the big road have completely changed the Laviolette. In the series HBO 24/7, he looks like a fairly tough coach, who can pile at half-time and can talk with the judges. Outside the series, Laviolette does not understand the provocateurs and drives into the heads of hockey players to install the game.

Darryl Sutter (Chicago, San Jose, Calgary, Los Angeles)

“Before entering the locker room, forget about your contracts and self-conceit,” Sutter likes to say. If you are Russian, then, hitting him, it would be nice to change your citizenship. Darryl is a militant Russophobe. Korolyuk, Nazarov, Viktor Kozlov, Zyuzin will not let you lie. Darryl did not allow Russians to sit in the locker room and talk in Russian, was angry with Kozlov because of a good game and yelled at Zyuzin, who helped his pregnant wife Nazarova get to the hospital. Well, the reference to the farm club, the reserve or the fourth link at Satter is a matter of course.

The team plays badly, the hockey player does not understand what they want from him, in training someone does not sweat afterwards? Sutter solves all problems equally – by shouting. Naturally, he also has a peculiar sense of humor. What can cheer and motivate a player better than a comparison with a girl or ballast?

Ken Hitchcock (Dallas, Philadelphia, Columbus, St. Louis)

The Hitchcock philosophy was described in detail by instructor Hartman from the movie “Full Metal Jacket” in the first minute acquaintance with the recruits of the Marine Corps. Hitch compares the fasiopetriks team with the orchestra, and the coach with the conductor. Past merit and talent have no value. Even if you play the first violin, you will have to carry a grand piano.

Hitchcock loves universal forwards. When he gets into the hands of a young but highly specialized sniper, he will either make a car out of him that can do everything on the court, or the attacker will go to the farm club, then he will ask for an exchange and eventually return to the KHL.

Ken can create strong, and sometimes champion teams, take players to a new level, but a strong belief in tactics has spoiled the career of Nikita Filatov and cost Canada the gold of the 2008 World Cup, and constant reminders that it is necessary to work hard at every workout and the methods of whipping – coaching chair in Dallas. They say that Heech was bored with everyone and was banally fused.

Lindy Ruff (“Buffalo”)

The hard defender, the tough guy and the captain of “Buffalo” in the past became a tough coach for “blades” in the present. Even the name of Ruff is consonant with the word “rough” – hard, rough. Lindy cannot be reproached for bias towards players or Russophobia. The same Afinogenov and Kalinin were on the wing right next to him, on the other hand, the memories of Raffe are far from bright.

Afinogenov the last two years in the “Buffalo” lozinopaltus toronto maple leafs vs new jersey devils tickets was a frequent guest in the box press and received a crumb of playing time. Kalinin Ruff in training somehow forced the winding circles, while he rolled alongside, available and loudly explaining to Dmitry that he should play better. Group classes on motivation are also not uncommon.

Having finished a career player with a hundred fights and a thousand minutes penalty in the NHL, Raff-coach never hesitated to send a couple of fighters to hunt. In 2007, in a match with Ottawa, when the judges missed the dirty hit of the Nile on Drury, Ruff released against the first level of “senators” the three thugs Kaleta-Mayr-Peters, who unleashed a massive fight that ended the battle with Emery. Yes, and Lindy himself almost got stuck with Brian Murray. Their verbal skirmish was no less spectacular than the events on the court.

Everyone knows that it’s more expensive to contact an angry Ruff. If Lindie is not in the spirit, the press conference is a grave silence, and journalists, trying to avoid the stern look of the coach, probably look at the floor.

John Tortorella (“Tampa”, “Rangers”)

The Italian temper and the ploy of tyranny inherent in people with power – this is Tortorella (pictured). To incur his wrath, it is enough to come to the command meeting at the appointed time. “There was a case with one newcomer. He came five minutes before the bus leaves, but no one was there. It was said that the collection at 9, and left 15 minutes earlier, “- recalls Nikita Alexeyev.

If Tortorella had trained 20 years ago, he probably would have grown legends like Mike Keenan. But now Youtube documents every word and action. Throwing bottles at the fans, trying to hit the fan with a stick, talking about how many idiots live in Canada, swearing with journalists, messing around in the locker room and a lot of mate in the interview. TSN had to work hard to choose the top ten best moments.